Our Team

Simon .WB

Founder & Master Technician

From the age of 6 Simon has been mad into bikes. Following a varied career in High end Engineering and Project Management, he chose to bug out of the rat race and Live The Dream.

Doing something you Love, for the People you Love, with people you love!

Bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and drive, Simon sets the standards high, and has set out to share this with customers and the biking fraternity alike.

“If you are not doing it, you are passed by someone else that is”

Siobhan .B

Technician and Product Manager

After finding a love for bikes during her Engineering Degree, Siobhan kept the wheels spinning throughout a high calibre career within the Engineering Field, until a career switch due to the familiar desire to leave behind the Rat-Race, resulted in a focus on property development and BIKES!

We have the privilege of Siobhan’s experience, customer service and engineering abilities to carry out both front of house and background projects.

Nettie The Wonder Dog!

Our workshop morale booster, queen, and chief snack snaffler!!

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”