• Stand Out.
• Dare To Be Different.

It all begins with an idea; a feeling; the desire to be unique.
Or all three.
Either way, you can trust us to customise your ride the way YOU want it.

Our Full Customisation Services are at your disposal. Contact us to start the ball rolling on your own, personalised project. Share a bit more of you with your trusty trail companion.
We will work with you to identify your riding desires, tastes and preferences; cut through all the jargon to create you a unique, perfectly function piece of art.

Possibilities Include

Paint Options

Price is for artwork only, mechanical strip is additional.

Single Colour Frame + Forks

Full paint strip and wet coat single colour

From £160

Multiple Colours

Full paint strip and wet coat multiple colours

From £200

Special Effects Paint

Full strip and (for example) Chrome, flip paint, fades, shimmer.....



Price is for artwork only, mechanical strip is additional

Frame and Forks

Pre-pared frame

From £80

Full Paint and Dip

Full stip, wet paint and dip

From £220


Be it new, custom graphics or replacing the originals with fresh, chip free decals, we have you covered. This is a massive subject area, so prices poa

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